Friday, April 3, 2009


Yesterday I just finished my case presentation. Thank GOD I can answer all questions from the therapists and they seemed quite satisfied too with my answers. The nightmare is OVER but I still hafta finish my clinical practical for 2 more weeks. Duhhhh.

I'm really grateful that so many helps I got to finish my case study. The therapists (especially Cik Fida) and my fellow friends really helps me a lot. I dunno how to thank them. (Literally wanna cry rite now...huhu).

Enough with practical. Now I wanna share story bout my family. Last 2 days (1 April), there was a lot of BIG things happened in my family. My mother went for her umrah, my older sister went for her job interview (she said everything seemed to be OK and she quite confident that she gonna get the job) and my other sister started her first day working at LLM. Everything went with the flow and I'm happy for them.