Thursday, June 24, 2010

Book Giveaway #8

Hey guys! (tetiba kan speaking...). I'm joining contest in ENGLISH written blog so that's why this entry is in English (perlu ke kan?) >.

Beautiful Creatures


The Blue Umbrella

It's utterly EASY to enter this contest. This is how it works...

1. Click HERE.
2. FILL THE FORM to enter.
3. Contest ends June 25, 2010. The blogger will be using to choose the winners. Good luck!

Easy as pie eh? You better hurry because the closing date is TODAY! You snooze, you LOSE!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Go Go Travel GiveAway...

kali ni main teka2 tempat pelancongan yg tuan blog akan pegi. seperti biasa kena buat entry then link ke blog beliau. so iols meneka....

" chugie ke........BANDUNG"

kepada yg nk teka boleh masuk SINI. Good luck! ^_^

Dateline : 20/6/2010


cabutan bertuah la pulak...banyak betul org murah hati kt Malaysia nih. I LOOOIKE!! ^_^

So, kalo terasa diri tu bertuah, jom la join lucky draw neh. RM50 pon duit hocayyyy! Join SINI. Kalo iols menang haruzla jadi 8 keajaiban di dunia sbb tak pernah menang LUCKY draw seumur hidup. T_T

Dateline : 30/6/2010

Giveaways Again =)

giveaway kali ni hadiah dia..............



2 plushies untuk 2 orang peserta yang bertuah!!

OMG!!!!!!!!!! Comel gile plushies ni!!!!!!!! kalo dpt konfem kena peluk2 sampai hancur! >.

nape plushies tu cute sgt??? migrain mak!

Syarat penyertaan dia mudah ya amat kak2 bedah oii. buat entry psl GIVEAWAY ni then letak komen kt blog tuan blog. So, kpd sesiapa yg nak mencuba nasib, leh klik SINI.

Dateline : 30/6/2010
Lucky draw : 1/7/2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

CoretanMaya 1st GIVEAWAY

GIVEAWAY lagi!!! Yeahhh!!

Kali ni from CoretanMaya. So utk first time GIVEAWAY from CorentanMaya ni, hadiah dia agak melethorrps gak. Check it out!!

wahhh!!! cambest kan anak2? ^_^

comelnye white teddy tu! belt tu pon mcm menarik!

yg ni leh bg mak iols. kalo pakai kang, ade org takut la plak...=_=

So sukacitalah sgt kalo iols menang GIVEAWAY nih. mestila suke...barang free kan? Kalo nonoks2 smer nk join pon bleh gak. Try your luck HERE. Again, good luck! ^_^

Syafiq GIVEAWAY 2010!

Kali ni saje join Syafiq GIVEAWAY 2010 katanya. Syafiq yg mana? Syafiq yg kiri tu ek. Bukan yg comel kanan tu. ^^.

So utk memenuhi syarat utk masuk contest ni, kenala komen/kritik/cerca blog tuan punya tanah ni. Iols punya komen simple jahh. (Feeling2 Simon Cowell jap kekdahnya...). Bagi iols, blog tuan tanah terlalu simple mcm blog iols (T_T) dan kurang meriah la uols! maybe kalo template tu kasi meletoorps sket then tambah plak ngan font yg "fresh" maybe mampu menjadikan BLOG tu seperti diva noks!! ^_^

ginila diva..siap pusing2 lg..

Kepada sesapa yg nak join GIVEAWAY nih, leh masuk sini. Good luck! ^_^

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sony Music Malaysia fanpage

For this entry, I'll talk about Sony Music Malaysia fanpage. I'll try make it simple but loaded with info.

First thing about Sony Music Malaysia is album. In the fanpage, there are tons of latest albums and short reviews. In this fanpage, you are not only able to read the review but you also could share your opinion about the album among other fans/haters. ^^

Secondly is info. Too general eh? IMHO, Sony Music Malaysia fanpage is undeniably have lots of information about artists, album, latest single, performances and tour. You can simply click to this fanpage and you'll find latest information about your favourite artist! Even myself know about Adam Lambert's latest music video "If I Had You" via this fanpage! *Off topic - this mv is totally ah-mah-zing! Adam as always nailed it!**

Thirdly is music video. As I stated before, this fanpage always delivers latest music video to you. You might be amongst the earliest person who watch the video in Malaysia! Woooot! ^^

Next is tour. You can find info about what tour that will be held in Malaysia, Singapore and other places by your favourite artists. So you'll be able to catch the moments or buying tickets to see your favourite artist perform live infront of you! but be careful not to be so happy because your artist might cancel the tour last minute like what Beyonce done! Awwww....

Next is prizes!!! YES! All of us LOVE prizes because they are free right? Aren't we? Me have won GLEE notebook from Sony Music Malaysia looong looong time ago. ^_^ Sony is so generous eh?

Last but not least is magazine. You also might find your favourite artist become the front cover like my Adam Lambert who has appeared for Billboard Mag, Rolling Stones, Details and much more.

Why eh I write this entry? Ermmm....okay...lemme get this straight. This entry is for the purpose of CONTEST again! heh. You also could try your luck by sending entry about Sony Music Malaysia fanpage and you could win 2 CDs that you WANT! Isn't it interesting enuff?

So what are you waiting for? Move your ass and start writing! Good luck! ^_^

ETA: You also can follow Sony Music via tweeter! Follow @sonymusicmy tweet tweet! ^^v