Tuesday, November 17, 2009


OMG!! me dah start cuti nokss!!

wahhhhhhhhhh!!! bestnye!!! let's nari hula uols!

to all my fellow friends who hafta present case study tomorrow to our beloved lecturer Mr Jaya best of luck hocayyy! uols nari hula la lps habes nanti. hahahaha

Soooo, what im gonna do this holiday? ermmmm lemme think first...tido sampai lebam? makan? look forward for gaga's stuffs? practice driving?

arghhhhh. tataola nak watpe. esok2la plan.

**tetiba tingat words of wisdom, "If u fail to plan, u plan to fail" errkk. matilaaa

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

GaGa's Latest Music Video - BAD ROMANCE [PURE GENIUS!!!]

Crazy GaGa just released MV for her latest single BAD ROMANCE. My jaw sooo dropped on the floor watching this incredibly hotness and mind blowing vid. The weird stuffs, outfits, dance are so krazy and make me flailing so hard until at the end of vid. Arghhhh!! I dun have any idea how many times i've played this MV.

Gaga always delivers great vid and never disappoint her fans. It makes me FLOVE her even more. GaGa rocks!! Hopefully this song will top the chart soon.