Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Such a title eh? Hopefully it grabs your attention...Heh. Actually it is for sake of contest that is being held by and there are TEN Justin Bieber's latest attention grabber album "My World 2.0" up for grabs. Weeee!!!

So the following is bout how to WIN this album.

1) Answer this question: Name the title of the Justin Bieber song in the clip above.

2) Post up this pic:

3) Write about Justin Bieber

"B" for Belieber

I start with "B". "B" for Belieber. According to Urban Dictionary, Belieber means one who is an obsessive fan of Justin Bieber. Example sentence: Once I saw his face, I was a belieber. Haha. It's actually Justin Bieber fanclub and when you are Belieber, you are totally so into him and love everything that he do. I mean, EVERYTHING.

"I" for Impersonation

Because Bieber is so famous and popular nowadays and he's like the "it" thing of today's music, so many kiddies try to impersonate him. Make hairdo like him, dress up like him and even some of them upload their videos trying to impersonate and imitate just like Justin Bieber! You can watch this three kiddies here imitating one of the Bieber's hits "One Time". XD

errr....this is totally NOT Justin Bieber. =_=lll

"E" for Entertaining

Why Justin Bieber is so popular? Besides his unique hairdo, he's utterly popular because he has lots of HITS single! Most of his songs are catchy, memorable and very radio-friendly! To be honest, when the first time I heard bout his name, I wonder who's he and why girls adore him so much. After listening to his songs, I know why he's so popular.

"B" for Baby

His cute face and adorable voice simply make he's a baby in most teenage girls. His hits "Baby" also makes him adorable more. FYI, "Baby" music video now has 324, 534, 349 hits!! O.O Whoaaa!! So many people watch this video! This video even beat Lady Gaga's sensation "Bad Romance".

"E" for Ecstatic

Most of his songs are fast-beat. So listening to his songs, simply makes you feel ecstatic as the songs cheering you up. Most girls find that his songs are kinda sexy and those songs drive them happy and squeaky!

"R" for Rabid

Yes. Justin Bieber indeed created phenomenon through his songs and his chart-topping album. This phenomenon spreads by millions rabid fans who fanatically and devotedly support him from back and downloaded his songs from iTunes. Some rabid fans even had thrown their undies when Bieber performing on stage!

So that's all bout Justin Bieber. BTW, if you want to join this contest, feel free to get the details HERE. Hopefully you guys enjoy reading this entry and hopefully I cound win his CD! *fingers and toes crossed!*


  1. Hi pingupink,

    This is to inform you that you're one of the winners for the Justin Bieber Contest. We noticed that your info is not in our database. Can you update your info on AMBP?

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  2. I've updated my info! Thanks for choosing me as a winner!

    I'm waiting for your call!^^v