Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Hands All Over Maroon 5 latest album

Yeah. Sounds quite desperate eh? I really wanna win this sexy album from pure hotness of Maroon 5. Thus, this entry is regarding a contest to win Maroon 5 latest album!

First of all, I need to embed this video.


Then, I have to complete this slogan: "I love Maroon 5 because..."

Why I love Maroon 5?

M: Mesmerizing

Most of Maroon 5's songs are so mesmerizing and capture my attention with the unique voice and modern catchy rock that been performed in every single song.

A: Addictive

I found most of their singles also very addictive with the groovy beats that everyone can't resist to enjoy and radio-friendly type of songs that made them memorable and easy to sing along.

R: Recognizable

Try listen one of their songs, sure you would be able to recognize the uniqueness of Adam Levine's voice. Hence, it makes their songs memorable and have own identity.

Double O: Outstandingly Outlast

Their songs are fresh and very into today's mainstream music and also marketable. It makes their music keep stronger and maintain their spot in today's music.

N: Numerous

Now they have many chart-topping songs like Misery, She Will Be Loved, This Love and more to come....

So, my slogan for this contest is I love Maroon 5 because with personality which I adore, catchy songs which never bore, they kept me wanting more.

Hopefully I win this CD!

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